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Meet Kristina

Psychologist and Couples Coach

I decided to start Together Apart because I noticed that when I met people who were dealing with the realities of being apart from their spouse it was like fireworks would go off. There was an instant sense of "you get it." We would  start sharing stories, ideas, parenting tips, and so much more. I also noticed that these were some of the most meaningful conversations and connections I was having. There is power in bringing a community of people together who have shared experiences and who can support one another.  This in part is the mission of Together Apart, to bring together people with shared experiences who can learn and grow together.

As a Clinical and Sport Psychologist, wife, and mother who lives this lifestyle I bring a unique unmatched perspective to my podcast, consultations and programs. Currently, I am developing an online program for couples to enhance their ability to work together, manage, and optimize their relationships with each other and their families. I look forward to each opportunity to work with business and groups because I know that focusing on relationship and family connection and wellness leads to better overall wellness, less stress, and better performance.

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