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Helping You  Stick Together When You're Apart

with Dr. Kristina

Meet Kristina

Psychologist and Couples Coach

I am a mother, wife, and a clinical and  sport psychologist, whose husband works out of state half the year.


I created Together Apart  to support couples and families who are often apart by strengthening their relationships and providing tools that promote overall wellness and resilience. I incorporate my personal journey and expertise into my podcasts, programs, consultations and speaking engagements.


The podcast allows me to draw on my personal and professional experience while I interview my skilled guests to provide an unmatched experience for listeners and readers alike.

My husband Matt and I live in North Carolina where we are raising our family. We spend about 60% of our marriage apart due to Matt’s demanding work schedule. Together we work to maintain connection across physical distance.


What I Specialize In

Physical Distance

Does Not Determine Connectedness

-Kristina Reihl

Dr.Kristina is incredible at what she does. This podcast is a blessing not only to myself in Florida, but to so many whos lives she can now touch beyond the limitations of her practice walls and physical location. "Together Apart" has not only opened my eyes, but has given me so many tools and knowledge that I have implemented into my relationship. Dr.Kristina is informative, experienced and professional while not being afraid to be open and vulnerable with her audience. She shares personal stories and experiences from her past with her husband Matt, that have moved me to tears and hit so close to home. Due to decades of toxic relationships, abuse, insecurities and heartache I became very closed off and communication has been a huge struggle in my relationships. The incredibly busy lifestyle I now live with my 4 year old son and boyfriend, while I recently began Nursing school along with working, mom life etc. has been difficult to say the least. My boyfriend and I may be in the same state most of the time, but our schedules are often opposite. He also travels most weekend nights as a musician, which is often my only time off. Unfortunately because of my past, when conflict arises due to distance and stress, my natural reaction has always been to put walls up and close myself off. Since we have begun listening to "Together Apart" our communication and in turn our relationship has grown tremendously. I cannot recommend "Together Apart" highly enough. Regardless of if your partner is on the road constantly, you have busy schedules, deployments, or even if you see each other all the time; every single couple out there can benefit from her insightful experience, knowledge and advice. Thank you Dr. Kristina for being such a guiding light, and sharing your experiences with us.

Love love love this podcast! Dr. Kristina gives such a wonderful loving practical advice. Her unique view on a tough subject is so refreshing and so helpful. Regardless of your home situation weather your spouse travels or not it’s such a wonderful listen! The tips on communication are a must listen for everyone! Easily my favorite podcast!"


Together Apart Podcast

If you and your significant other spend a lot of time apart due to travel or a demanding schedule, this is the show for you. I am a psychologist and my husband works out of state half the year. I bring my personal experience and expertise in dealing with that reality to this show. My guests and I give you practical tools and solutions so you can navigate the unique challenges of sticking together while you’re apart.

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