Helping You  Stick Together When You're Apart

with Dr. Kristina

Meet Kristina

Psychologist and Couples Coach

I am a mother, wife, and a clinical and  sport psychologist, whose husband works out of state half the year.


I created Together Apart  to support couples and families who are often apart by strengthening their relationships and providing tools that promote overall wellness and resilience. I incorporate my personal journey and expertise into my podcasts, programs, consultations and speaking engagements.


The podcast allows me to draw on my personal and professional experience while I interview my skilled guests to provide an unmatched experience for listeners and readers alike.

My husband Matt and I live in North Carolina where we are raising our family. We spend about 60% of our marriage apart due to Matt’s demanding work schedule. Together we work to maintain connection across physical distance.

What I Specialize In

Physical Distance

Does Not Determine Connectedness

-Kristina Reihl

Love love love this podcast! Dr. Kristina gives such a wonderful loving practical advice. Her unique view on a tough subject is so refreshing and so helpful. Regardless of your home situation weather your spouse travels or not it’s such a wonderful listen! The tips on communication are a must listen for everyone! Easily my favorite podcast!"


Together Apart Podcast

If you and your significant other spend a lot of time apart due to travel or a demanding schedule, this is the show for you. I am a psychologist and my husband works out of state half the year. I bring my personal experience and expertise in dealing with that reality to this show. My guests and I give you practical tools and solutions so you can navigate the unique challenges of sticking together while you’re apart.

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